Petitioners’ Expert Reports

Petitioners submitted reports from five experts that they intend to call to testify at the preliminary injunction hearing:

Matt A. Barreto, Ph.D.:  Dr. Barreto is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Washington, Seattle.  Dr. Barreto’s research group conducted telephone surveys of Pennsylvania residents to develop statistical evidence relating to the impact of the Photo ID Law.  The research revealed, among other results, that although 98.8% of registered voters believe they have an acceptable form of photo ID under the law, 12.8% of registered voters (that is 1,055,200 voters) do not have a photo ID acceptable for voting.  The study found that women, Latino, younger, poorer and less educated voters are more likely to lack an acceptable form of photo ID.  In addition, the research revealed that 34.3% of registered voters are not aware that the Photo ID Law exists.  Dr. Barreto’s report is available here.

Loraine C. Minnite, Ph.D.:  Dr. Minnite is an associate professor of Politics at Rutgers who specializes in the study of voter fraud.  She authored the book The Myth of Voter Fraud.  Dr. Minnute explains in her report that the incidence of fraud by voters is “statistically zero.”  She also explains how many of the supposed examples of fraud cited by proponents of voter ID laws are either false or of a type that voter ID laws cannot prevent.

Petitioners also submitted reports from three experts who explain the difficulties that certain groups of voters face obtaining vital records such as birth certificates.  Now that the Commonwealth has announced that it will make available a new photo ID card that voters can obtain without showing a birth certificate, these reports would seem to be of diminished relevance:

Amanda Bergson-Shilcock:  Ms. Bergson-Shilcock works for a non-profit that assists naturalized citizens and citizens born in Puerto Rico with job placement, education and pro bono legal services.  Ms. Bergson-Shilcock’s report discusses the particular hardships that naturalized citizens and citizens born in Puerto Rico face when attempting to obtain one of the approved forms of photo ID.

Michele Levy:  Ms. Levy is the Managing Attorney at the Homeless Advocacy Project in Philadelphia.  Her report details the special hardships that homeless men and women face when attempting to obtain birth records.

Veronica Ludt:  Ms. Ludt is the Legal Center Director of Face to Face, Inc., a non-profit organization in Philadelphia that offers free legal services to low-income residents.  Ms. Ludt’s report explains the difficulties her clients have faced attempting to obtain vital records.


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